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The Acting Outlaws documentary is finally available as a $4.99 download at http://store.actingoutlaws.org/!

From their store site:

On October 22nd, 2010, actresses Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer embarked on a cross-country motorcycle ride taking them 2,500 miles from Los Angeles, CA to New Orleans, LA to raise awareness for the BP Oil Spill Disaster in the Gulf.

Titled ‘The LA La Ride’, it was the very first under the Acting Outlaws brand -- a charity company started by Katee and Tricia to raise money and awareness for various charities and causes. Joining them on this trip was a film crew who documented the entire event. This footage was edited together to create a documentary film which follows these two as they ride from city to city, raising awareness and experiencing an adventure unlike any other.

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That' s my first Kara clip

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Just a reminder, Katee's new show Longmire premieres tonight at 10 pm on A&E.

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According to Katee on twitter, Lionsgate Films has picked up distribution rights to her movie Sexy Evil Genius with Seth Green, Michelle Trachtenberg, Harold Perrineau, and Billy Baldwin. No release date yet as the deal seems fairly recent (in fact just yesterday there was an article about the production company showing footage at Cannes to lure a distributor), but this conceivably means we could get not one, not two but THREE Katee films in the movie theatre in 2013! In addition to Riddick 3 which is reportedly slated for January, the film Haunting in Georgia is wrapping up postproduction and that is also distributed by Lionsgate, so I'd expect wide releases for both that and SEG in 2013.

(As an aside, I also found out tonight that I'm getting a chance to interview Katee at the end of the month (!!!) for her new role on Longmire. But I might sneak a Starbuck question or two in there if I can--anyone have any burning questions for Katee?)

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Ian Grey has written a really insightful article over at IndieWire about the review/press coverage of The Avengers and how Black Widow and Scarlet Johansson have been widely, widely overlooked in most reviews...written by male writers.  He gives a staggering round-up of the slights and a few examples of female critics' praise and argues that the reason may be because movies haven't quite gotten us used to seeing awesome females being awesome, unlike TV. Here's the meat-and-bones of his theory (including a Stabuck reference) but I highly recommend reading the whole article:

To which I can only say—exactly! And: isn’t this remarkable? Two parallel realities! Men who see nobody at all and women who see the next Faith (without the crazy, I mean). Don’t tell Disney, or they’ll be marketing the film as 4-D.

Jokes aside, how to explain this blanket amnesia?

If I were to be optimistic, I’d say this brand of blindness is about change happening too fast. Change is weird, scary and disorienting. And TV’s a great place for incremental change because it shows slow transformations occurring over time.

At first, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer was, literally, a joke. A cheerleader fighting the undead! Hilarious! And she’s so unthreateningly cute! But over time, people came to believe in the take-charge slayer, until someone in Season Four’s “A New Man” [sic] episode could remark to Buffy that “You're, like, make the plan, execute the plan, no one giving you orders,” and instead of intimidation, there was a shrug. Because it was true.

And so over time people weren't alarmed when Alias’ Sydney Bristow nicked bits of the 007 crown. Or when a female Starbuck showed Han Solo-level energy in the new Battlestar Galactica.

But The Avengers moves so fast, with so many zingers, tiffs, explosions, turnarounds and implications that I’d like to think reviewers simply didn’t have time to process just how radically and playfully Whedon (whose mother co-founded Equality Now) cedes yards of traditionally male genre property and space to Black Widow.

Some part of the male unconscious, down there where The Hulk lives, just didn't go for it.

ETA: The premiere of Katee's new show, Longmire, is rapidly approaching. News, info, and new Katee photos (like the one in my icon) can be found at [livejournal.com profile] longmiretv.
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LOL. I was going to just add this to the previous post of clips but....it needs its own post. Richard Hatch talks about the sex dreams he has about Katee Sackhoff, Aaron Douglas talks about Jamie Bamber's "British Buns of Steel". Katee's faces are quite hilarious.

(Talk turns serious at the end of the clip about Kara and her relationships with Sam and with Lee and her poofing. So if you're sensitive about that stuff...fair warning.)
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Here's a couple vids of Katee being funny and charming at the BSG panel at the recent Calgary ComicCon & Expo.

Also Dragon*Con confirmed on twitter and facebook last night that Katee will be attending this year!
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Lol. Tor.com has a fun article today about how Downton Abbey is essentially the same show as BSG. There are comparisons for Kara (as well as other cast members) and her romantic relationships. Do those of you who watch agree or disagree? :)

Also, a new exclusive clip from Star Wars: Clone Wars features Katee as Bo-Katan over here at SFX, and apparently there's an interview with her in issue 222 of SFX on sale from this Wednesday in the UK. Plus, if anyone hasn't seen it yet, there's a new extended trailer for Longmire released that has a few glimpses of Katee, brawling and smirking. 
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Cutbox.co.uk lists our Starbuck as #1 in their new article: Battlestar Galactica: Top 5 Character Arcs

Who else could possibly cap this list? Not just one of the finest anti-heroes committed to celluloid, but also one of the finest characters full stop, Starbuck and her story are a true testament to the quality of the story-telling on show in this science fiction epic.

Battlestar Galactica is already a post-feminist show - see unisex bathrooms, women holding positions of power. Despite the initial, entirely unjustified reservation of the fans when the casting was announced, Katee Sackhoff not only holds her own, but utterly shines, imbuing Starbuck with an amicable cockiness that’s edged by a deep sense of sadness and regret.

Given what we learn of the character’s history, it’s incredible that Sackhoff nailed this aesthetic of the character from the go - though this also down to the writers evolving and adapting the character to her performance. Her final story arc is boldly emotional, tying her fate to that of humanity inexorably, and the payoff at the end magnificently tows the line between beautiful and tragic.

There’s perhaps the argument that her femininity is ostensibly the root cause of all her problems, which may or may not undermine her status as feminist icon, but in truth, it’s rare that you get a female heroin [sic] in sci-fi that has had as much care and attention put into her creation as Starbuck.

Memorably feisty, cocky yet incredibly human, and above all, uncompromisingly moral, she’s one for the ages.

Sorta side-eyeing that bit about her feminity undermining her as a feminist icon, but some nice words about Katee's portrayal of our girl.
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It's Katee's birthday today and if that doesn't warrant a spam post, I don't know what does! Bring your pretty pics, your gifs, your testimonies of love to the fearless and fearsome actress who brought Kara Thrace to life!

Oh yeah...and Happy Easter! ;)

More More More! )
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No Light, No Light - All I have to say about this gorgeous, stunning vid that [livejournal.com profile] bop_radar just posted is: This is Kara. 
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My first try to make BSG clip. I love Kara, that's why there is a lot of Kara in the clip:))

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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] embolalia, [livejournal.com profile] mserrada, and [livejournal.com profile] deborah_judge for submitting great Kara stories for the ficathon! Here's a complete list of the entries:

Sometimes You Gotta Roll the Hard Six  by  [livejournal.com profile] taragel

Offerings by  [livejournal.com profile] taragel

One Time Thing by [info]embolalia

It All Starts Here by   [info]embolalia

PTSD by [info]embolalia

Faith by [info]embolalia

Nightly Tidings by  [livejournal.com profile] mserrada

Five Things That Happened in Six Hours or Two Months by [livejournal.com profile] deborah_judge

Fear and Freedom by 

However, it's with a heavy heart that I'm kind of forced to acknowledge that there doesn't seem to be much point to continuing this comm. The lack of interest in the ficathon and daily posts make it pretty clear that people have moved on from Kara/BSG. Since LJ is for discussion and there's already Tumblr and Pinterest and a wide variety of other sites where folks are surely getting their visual Kara fixes, it seems sort of pointless to keep posting into a void. Thanks for all your participation for the past two years those of you who are still around! It's been a lot of fun. <3 <3

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Title: Fear and Freedom
Characters: Kara, Lacy, Socrata, others
Rating: PG-13 for implied child abuse
Words: 2,850
Summary: After Dreilide leaves, the Temple sends Kara and Socrata to Gemenon.

Kara glares at the ground. She’s tired, her mother’s fingers are tight on her wrist, and Galina Spencer is already crying. 


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