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This showed up on Tumblr today, from Darthraydor



I couldn't possibly love this more! It's perfect. Every last one of these songs would go on my workout mix.

(although for a crappy cover band, KT&hSD sure has a lot of original songs, lol.)
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You guys, just in case you forgot, KARA THRACE? IS AWESOME!

Sometimes I feel like in all the talk of destiny and relationships, self-destruction and harbingery....we forget sometimes just how much of a BAD ASS MOTHER FRAKKER Kara is. We forget her swagger and her smirkiness, and how she once tore the brain out of an enemy ship so she could fly herself off a remote moon! We forget how she pulled off impossible feats like taking out 8 raiders in one battle and landing her ship on bingo fuel with a huge hole in the side! We forget that she beat down a Six and got herself an arrow and saved a whole bunch of survivors off Caprica with an adorable nose crinkle to boot! 

Post a drabble or your favorite vid or a fic rec link or just some thoughts on Kara being amazing. Instead of focusing on the angst and the bad breaks, let's accentuate Kara's best qualities, her determination, her bravery, her skill. 

Here's some prompts to start you off! But feel free to add your own in the comments. Maybe you'll inspire someone else to create:

Retina-detaching moves
Bragging is for amateurs
Splash One
Raise Your Glass
Getting the best of a superior asshole
Top Gun
Best shot in or out of the cockpit
Baby, you're a firework
Bingo Fuel or Bust!
"It's about time you admit it."
Dead and Loving It! (hee)
Hit me with your best shot
Getting the last word
Talk is cheap
And here's a vid I made a long time ago celebrating Kara's awesomeness:



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