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Just a reminder: the Kara Thrace Ficathon officially ends this Saturday at midnight! Check out the prompts and stories so far here
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Vulture.com has an article that pits Twin Peaks against BSG for the title of "The Greatest TV Drama of the Past 25 Years"....and somehow BSG comes out the loser. But they have some nice things to say about the ladies on the show, and this Starbuck v. Rush line is pretty fantastic:

Among Battlestar Galactica’s stronger players are its actresses, blessed with some of the meatiest roles ever written for women on TV. BSG’s gender politics are euphorically advanced, with Starbuck, Six, President Roslin, and Boomer, not to mention every other female pilot, mechanic, Cylon, and civilian, so fundamentally equal to the men around them that gender parity isn’t something they even have to talk about. (Meanwhile on Twin Peaks, all the non-crazy fully grown women spend their time in abusive love triangles.) At a time when it is, somehow, still acceptable to call a woman a slut for taking birth control, one wishes more than ever that Starbuck were a real person, so she could swagger into Rush Limbaugh’s office and ask him if he would like to try and put something, anything, between her knees. (It would be icing on the fantasy to imagine President Roslin following her in, doing that thing where she smiles out of fury, and then eviscerating him without ever raising her voice.)
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Lol. Saw this on tumblr. There's something I love about this shot. She's sullen and feirce and slightly pouty, but she also looks like she could burst out laughing at any second. The hair is great too. Gorgeous. <3

(Also, we have our first ficathon entry: Kara does Roller Derby!)

Fic Rec

Mar. 6th, 2012 09:14 am
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[livejournal.com profile] hearts_blood wrote a fascinating little ficlet over at BSG_epics this morning in which Kara has a sibling (kinda). Gen fic is so rare, and if you're gearing up for our Gen ficathon, this makes a perfect little read to whet your whistle! 
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Just saw this:

Which made me think of this:

And of course:


You could crochet your own Mandala Blanket! Free pattern here: http://www.tangledness.com/html/bullseye.html
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(Hey look at this! An actual text/meta-type post! Don't faint!)

So I was having a discussion on Twitter yesterday with a guy named Travis Yanan about a new TV pilot being shot for a potential ABC series for the upcoming season, Shawn Ryan's The Last Resort. Some of you who follow my LJ have heard me talk about this one recently and how much I liked it because it really reminded me very much of the BSG mini. The premise, in a nutshell, of the show is that a US submarine gets fired upon and gets orders to nuke Pakistan in retaliation, thereby starting a world war. The admiral resists the order, which comes in a non-protocol way, and eventually the sub's crew discovers that the shots came from their own government, from another US sub, and they take dramatic measures as a last resort, eventually declaring war on their own country. 

I'm getting to the Starbuck relevance! Promise. 

Anyway, like I said, I really liked the script a lot and it reminded me of BSG in many ways, although it didn't have quite as much character development or charisma/sex appeal as BSG mini did. There are a lot of strong, capable characters (including several ladies) but for the most part they're all towing the military line. That latter bit was why Travis didn't enjoy the script so much. He didn't connect to any of the characters and he commented that they were all very "by-the-book and soldierly. Made me appreciate how important a Starbuck is." 

And I love when anyone's appreciating Starbuck.

But I also thought that was a really great point. All of the characters on BSG are pretty flawed in one way or another, but Starbuck's willingness to buck authority is a major catalyst on the show, especially in season one. Her actions really change things for our BSG peeps in dramatic ways. There'd be no Apollo, no arrow, no Kobol/path to Earth, no Helo/Sharon, no Resistance if she hadn't followed her instincts to go against orders on various occasions.  At the same time, I tend to think Starbuck can be very obedient to the officers she respects, it often coincides with her great sense of fealty/loyalty (in a duty-related way.)

I don't really have a question related to this, just thought it was a really interesting point to bring up, that a dramatic narrative needs a Starbuck often, to challenge it and to keep things interesting and dynamic. I've never seen the original show, so I'm not sure if Dirk Benedict's iteration of the character worked in that same way (or if he was just more of a drinker/womanizer than actual challenger to authority) but I'm really glad that Kara filled that role of catalyst.


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