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Mar. 6th, 2012 09:14 am
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[ profile] hearts_blood wrote a fascinating little ficlet over at BSG_epics this morning in which Kara has a sibling (kinda). Gen fic is so rare, and if you're gearing up for our Gen ficathon, this makes a perfect little read to whet your whistle! 
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Portraits by [ profile] shah_of_blah  -- "Some people don't fade away." That's the summary of this poignant and powerful look at how four people (Hera, Helo, Hot Dog and Tigh) remember Kara. Although it's really more like how civilization remembers Kara after she's gone. One of the things that's so gorgeous about this fic is how it captures so many different sides of her character from people she has varying degrees of connection with. There's Kara the friend, Kara the warrior, Kara the survivor and Kara the goddess. It celebrates both her life and death, and it's gorgeous.

Party time

Oct. 11th, 2010 09:29 am
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Since I have birthdays on my mind today, I was thinking about how Kara would celebrate? Before the war? After the war? Do you think she's the kind of person who would make a big deal about her birthday or keep it low-key? My thoughts also turned to one of my favorite Kara's birthday fics, and there's a bit of innuendo/implication for K/L but mostly it's a gen fic about the people who love Kara doing something nice for her (which didn't happen enough in canon as far as I'm concerned), so I'm gonna rec it anyway:

It's My Party by daphnaea -- The pilots throw a birthday party for Kara. Here's my favorite lines: 

She thinks if it were any other birthday, she’d probably be getting laid right now, and technically this is the night before her birthday (the party started right after midnight, or what passes for it in space) so she’s still got plenty of hours left to find some civvie, or maybe a marine safely outside her chain of command, but she knows she isn’t going to. She doesn’t want to trade what she has right here for a random frak, because stupid and screwed up as it may be, both of the men touching her love her, they’d frakking die for her, and she kind of hates that, but she kind of needs it too.

Also, if you'd like to do something nice for Kara, won't you write a ficlet about her or her ladyfriends for the ALL THE GALACTIC LADIES Ficathon? There are a lot of fantastic prompts there just waiting to be filled by smart, nice, generous, talented people like you!! ;)


Aug. 2nd, 2010 02:11 pm
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Fic Rec:
Summer Has Come and Passed by [ profile] rayruz --My favorite Kara and Sharon (uh, Boomer) friendship fic....despite all the puking. ;) No, it's really a lovely story of how the hotshot and the rookie form a tentative but solid friendship. And there's bonus Helo to boot.

And for those who missed it yesterday, please weigh in if you like at our Galactica Ladies Fic Battle poll. October was looking like the big winner last time I checked...
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Fic rec
Anon the Bright Hyperion by [info]betweenthebliss 

Written for the Awesome Ladies Fest, this is a gorgeous, lyrical, wonderfully full expression of Kara's life and death threaded through with poetry by Emily Dickinson, D.H. Lawrence, John Keats and more. It etches all her relationships--with poetry and art, with her parents, with Zak, with Sam, with Lee, with Karl, with the Commander, with the military, with flying--in the most economical yet incisive ways. The summary reads: She learns to love the things she loses herself in.



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