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Hi guys!  I just saw this little interview with Katee about some of her latest movie projects, and the interviewer asked her how she felt looking back at BSG and playing Starbuck:

"I always loved her. I loved her as somebody who wore their heart on their sleeve and didn’t see it as a weakness. She was incredibly strong, and very real, and she kind of helped me grow up, in a sense. I was 21 when I started playing her, so she really did take me into adulthood, if you will."

<3 <3 <3

Also, I didn't know Katee was getting married. Congrats to her and her lucky fiancé!

Read more: http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/katee-sackhoff/29545/katee-sackhoff-interview-battlestar-haunting-statham#ixzz2v3hleh3s
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Dahl is epic. Opening September 6 in theaters & IMAX. Feel free to squee in the comments.
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Cute clip of Katee (and Jamie and Jane Espenson) talking about usage of the word "Frak" on BSG from the Syfy 20th Anniversary Special airing December 10th, 9 pm. 

Source: ET Online

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[01-39] Battlestar Galactica
[40-60] Katee Sackhoff

more HERE at [livejournal.com profile] exclu_silly
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The Acting Outlaws documentary is finally available as a $4.99 download at http://store.actingoutlaws.org/!

From their store site:

On October 22nd, 2010, actresses Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer embarked on a cross-country motorcycle ride taking them 2,500 miles from Los Angeles, CA to New Orleans, LA to raise awareness for the BP Oil Spill Disaster in the Gulf.

Titled ‘The LA La Ride’, it was the very first under the Acting Outlaws brand -- a charity company started by Katee and Tricia to raise money and awareness for various charities and causes. Joining them on this trip was a film crew who documented the entire event. This footage was edited together to create a documentary film which follows these two as they ride from city to city, raising awareness and experiencing an adventure unlike any other.

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Just a reminder, Katee's new show Longmire premieres tonight at 10 pm on A&E.

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According to Katee on twitter, Lionsgate Films has picked up distribution rights to her movie Sexy Evil Genius with Seth Green, Michelle Trachtenberg, Harold Perrineau, and Billy Baldwin. No release date yet as the deal seems fairly recent (in fact just yesterday there was an article about the production company showing footage at Cannes to lure a distributor), but this conceivably means we could get not one, not two but THREE Katee films in the movie theatre in 2013! In addition to Riddick 3 which is reportedly slated for January, the film Haunting in Georgia is wrapping up postproduction and that is also distributed by Lionsgate, so I'd expect wide releases for both that and SEG in 2013.

(As an aside, I also found out tonight that I'm getting a chance to interview Katee at the end of the month (!!!) for her new role on Longmire. But I might sneak a Starbuck question or two in there if I can--anyone have any burning questions for Katee?)

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Here's a couple vids of Katee being funny and charming at the BSG panel at the recent Calgary ComicCon & Expo.

Also Dragon*Con confirmed on twitter and facebook last night that Katee will be attending this year!
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Lol. Tor.com has a fun article today about how Downton Abbey is essentially the same show as BSG. There are comparisons for Kara (as well as other cast members) and her romantic relationships. Do those of you who watch agree or disagree? :)

Also, a new exclusive clip from Star Wars: Clone Wars features Katee as Bo-Katan over here at SFX, and apparently there's an interview with her in issue 222 of SFX on sale from this Wednesday in the UK. Plus, if anyone hasn't seen it yet, there's a new extended trailer for Longmire released that has a few glimpses of Katee, brawling and smirking. 
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It's Katee's birthday today and if that doesn't warrant a spam post, I don't know what does! Bring your pretty pics, your gifs, your testimonies of love to the fearless and fearsome actress who brought Kara Thrace to life!

Oh yeah...and Happy Easter! ;)

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HOLY CRAP. She looks fantastic! Vin Diesel posted this on Facebook

Not all Mercs are spineless... in fact some are downright sexy...


P.s. Katee who plays "Dahl" wrapped picture this morning at 5:45 am, after a long night of rain, action and wires... the talent she brought to the new Chronicles of Riddick... added magic to the film and the process.

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Spoiler TV says the premiere date is June 3. You can see the trailer at the new Longmire comm, [livejournal.com profile] longmiretv! (I'm not embedding it here because there's no Katee in the trailer and I fear I'm already spamming everyone to high heaven with this!)
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Someone mentioned this on Twitter and I searched for it and voila! I'm so excited! Here's the trailer for A DEADLY OBSESSION (previously Lockdown) just click the link (sadly I can't embed it):


Description of movie: 

A DEADLY OBSESSION Starring Katee Sackhoff, Grant Harvey, Bart Johnson, Robyn Lively
Psychology professor Suzanne Hollander is a popular teacher and respected researcher at a prestigious college on the East Coast.
But what the students and faculty don't know is that Suzanne's interest in psychology comes from a dark place in her past… a past which Suzanne can no longer outrun. When Suzanne's class is interrupted by gunfire, she reacts quickly and hustles her students to safety. But one of her students is hit and Suzanne needs to find a way out of the school. Outside, Police Lieutenant Michael Olsen and Suzanne's boyfriend Logan put the school on lockdown and come up with a plan to get Logan inside. Meanwhile, the deranged shooter comes closer to Suzanne and her students - so close, in fact, that Suzanne is forced to face the truth. The shooter is a former student and research subject by the name of Connor, and his obsession with Suzanne is the reason he is here. As Connor continues his reign of terror, Suzanne must come up with a plan to face her own demons, disarm Connor and put a stop to the madness - before it's too late.

stills from the site/video of Katee )
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And to keep us on-topic: Can you imagine Kara at the Oscars? Why would she be there? What would she wear? And what kind of choice commentary would she have about the madness going on around her? :)
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A brief Kara hiatus to repost this gorgeous shot that Dennys Ilic took (and just released? I hadn't seen it before) of Katee: 

Please visit Dennys' website to see his other gorgeous shots of many BSG peeps and other celebs.

Also, if you're so inclined, Katee (and Jamie) are in the finals of Zap2it's Crushworthy Space Cadet poll--go throw some votes her (or their) way!
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(OT: Katee headed up to Montreal today to shoot Riddick! Wheee!)

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A quick roundup for some Katee news: 
  • Katee and Tricia will live chat online again this Saturday at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST at justin.tv/actingoutlaws. Their chats are always so fun and funny. Don't miss it!

  • Katee did a great new interview with After Ellen, very candid and funny as she does, about her appeal to both men and women, her dream role, and Longmire. Check it out here.

  • New promo photos of Longmire are out! Here's Katee's:  Also, though I frequently post about Katee's other ventures here, since it's really a Kara comm and we're getting a lot of news now, I decided to start a separate Longmire comm for all the news related to that show: [livejournal.com profile] longmiretv(there are other promo photos there including one of Katee "on set".)

  • Katee also tweeted that she'll be leaving LA soon to go shoot Riddick in Montreal and then she'll be going right on to shoot Longmire after that.

  • Dave Filoni, the producer of the Star Wars Clone Wars tv show, posted a note on facebook with artwork of Katee's character minus her helmet (you can slightly see her face in profile last week. He said she'll be back next season and they're waiting to reveal her face then. Yay for more work for Katee. 
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Katee and Tricia will be uStreaming again! This sunday at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST. They are absolutely hilarious together and well worth watching so check 'em out if you can! They'll tweet/facebook the exact web address probably or just go to uStream.com and look for Acting Outlaws page. 

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It's a very Katee week here so far (don't worry Kara posts are coming too--and don't miss the awesome meta that [livejournal.com profile] rayruz posted on her many layers--she's like an onion she is!--last night), and here's more exciting news. She'll be lending her voice to Star Wars: The Clone Wars on the Cartoon Network, for the episode "A Friend in Need." It airs at 8 pm EST. Katee plays a (possibly the very first!) female Mandalorian, Bo-Katan. Check out the clip below--she has one line at the very end when the Mandalorians drop in. 

In case you can't see the vid, here's a YOUTUBE link to it.


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