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The Harbinger by Darling Diva. Apparently it's a glittery mix that you put over other base colors of nail polish for a cool effect. 

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Galactic Battle Crest

Today at TeeFury for $10: http://www.teefury.com/

For those of you who don't follow her on twitter, Katee's currently on hiatus after filming S1 of Longmire and she and Tricia Helfer are shooting a calendar for Acting Outlaws. Here's a sneak peek of some images of Katee from the shoot the past two days:

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From QMX and artist Megan Lara:

Ladies of Galactica: Gallery Collection

Portraits From Galactica's Museum 
Venus.  Mona Lisa. Adle Bloch-Bauer. Whistler's Mother. Dora Maar. To the list of iconic women immortalized in painted works, we add a quartet of steely beauties from Battlestar Galactica. Artist Megan Lara has created portraits in the style of some acclaimed masters. They include:
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. With cigar in hand and a haunting gaze, the gifted Viper pilot is drawn in the style of Polish Art Deco painter Tamara de Lempicka. Tenebrism – the very pronounced use of chiaroscuro – adds dramatic effect.

$34.95 for a print, available for pre-order (shipping post-Comic Con)


(The other ladies of BSG are represented as well, check them out at the link.)

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Red Bubble has this new Starbuck Top Gun design available on Ts, Hoodies, and Stickers. Ts start at $24, but...
you could vote for it HERE at QWERTEE to become available as a $12 tee if you like it.

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For those who like their Starbuck on the cute side, there's this adorable T-shirt made by one of my F-listers....

You can buy it HERE at Cafe Press

(Also this mousepad is available for fans of Starbuck & Apollo/Unfinished Business.)

And Starbuck is in the running for (and currently winning by kinda a LOT!) the poll at Zap2It for Most Crushworthy Space Cadet! VOTE HERE to lend your support! (You could also vote for Apollo there if you're a Lee fan!)
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Have you all seen Megan Lara's gorgeous new T-shirt design featuring Starbuck? It's available for sale at Red Bubble in a variety of colors sized up to 3XL, and this photo (from her tumbler) gives you a good peek at some of the real shirts (rather than colored illustrations).  


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