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Lol. Saw this on tumblr. There's something I love about this shot. She's sullen and feirce and slightly pouty, but she also looks like she could burst out laughing at any second. The hair is great too. Gorgeous. <3

(Also, we have our first ficathon entry: Kara does Roller Derby!)
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As a side note, it's looking likely that Katee's big news is indeed the female lead in the third Chronicles of Riddick movie. Lots of news sites are reporting that an official offer has been made to her. She'd star alongside Vin Diesel, Karl Urban, and Bokeem Woodbine.

It's a great part, a very badass, stone cold fighter babe and she'd get to kick some major ass and be very snarky, so I'm kinda excited for her and the prospect of seeing Katee on the big screen, in something that possibly would get a wide release and do well around the world. But...I do kinda wish her news was even bigger. This could go direct to DVD, and there's already financial problems that have caused the movie to halt production once so far. Let's all hope for a good outcome for Katee though. If this is it, she seemed really jazzed so maybe she's confident it will lead to bigger and better things?


Dec. 20th, 2010 11:06 pm
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(This is Kara watching the explosion that Shaw stayed behind to set off in Razor.)
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Of all the show's foils/mirrors for Kara, Kendra is probably my favorite. Both so different in temperament, but soldiers to the core. And both carrying their own heavy load of guilt. Kendra sacrifices herself, which saves Kara's life. That's something that had to affect her pretty heavily because, even though it wasn't Kendra's sole or even primary motivator, who puts themself on the line for Kara Thrace? I wish the show had referenced Kendra again in the future at some point.


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Let's talk about Kendra and Kara! What do you think put them so naturally at odds? I think that Kendra was a much more interesting foil to Kara than Kat was (actually, Kat was a lot more of a mirror). If by some chance Kendra had survived Razor, do you think they could've been friends? Kara goes to Adama and recommends Kendra for a posthumous medal, and then at the end she says to Lee the very self-referential, "Maybe she thought she had a lot to answer for. Maybe she had it coming." Thoughts? Queries? Posers?


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