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Not exactly Kara news but since most of you are Katee fans and I just saw the Sexy Evil Genius info...thought I'd share here.
Katee projects releasing in 2013:

FEB 1 -- in select theatres and via video on Demand: The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

Exclusive movie clip of Katee

APRIL 9 -- via DVD and video on Demand: Sexy Evil Genius  (source)

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and one woman will get her revenge this April whe Sexy Evil Genius rrives on DVD, Digital Download and Video On Demand on April 9 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Starring Seth Green (Austin Powers ranchise), Katee Sackhoff (TV's "Battlestar Galactica"), William Baldwin (Backdraft), Michelle Trachtenberg (TV's "Gossip Girl") and Harold Perrineau (HBO's "Oz"), the sexy, crime thrillerwill be available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $26.98.

A group of people are lured to the same bar in downtown Los Angeles by Nikki, an ex-girlfriend they all have in common. Beautiful, conniving and downright insane, Nikki has one last surprise in store for her ex-lovers....

  • "jujitsu-ing reality" A documentary about the film's writer and his struggle with Lou Gehrig's Disease

JUNE 2 -- Longmire Season 2 begins airing on A&E (DVDs of S1 should release sometime in April/May -- Katee tweeted about doing a special interview for them last week. This is probably not the legit cover below, but...I found it online)

SEPT 6  -- in theatres nationwide Riddick 3: Dead Man Stalking

Still unscheduled,
Growl (...your guess is as good as mine)
Lockdown (Will this ever see the light of day with the more recent school shootings? IDK)
Occulus (probably 2014?) 
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According to Katee on twitter, Lionsgate Films has picked up distribution rights to her movie Sexy Evil Genius with Seth Green, Michelle Trachtenberg, Harold Perrineau, and Billy Baldwin. No release date yet as the deal seems fairly recent (in fact just yesterday there was an article about the production company showing footage at Cannes to lure a distributor), but this conceivably means we could get not one, not two but THREE Katee films in the movie theatre in 2013! In addition to Riddick 3 which is reportedly slated for January, the film Haunting in Georgia is wrapping up postproduction and that is also distributed by Lionsgate, so I'd expect wide releases for both that and SEG in 2013.

(As an aside, I also found out tonight that I'm getting a chance to interview Katee at the end of the month (!!!) for her new role on Longmire. But I might sneak a Starbuck question or two in there if I can--anyone have any burning questions for Katee?)

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More gorgeous pics from the set of Sexy Evil Genius!!

Whoooo.... )

And because I always feel guilty when I don't include any Kara, a lovely shot of her:

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Katee's first day on the set of Sexy Evil Genius... Looking GOOOOOORGEOUS!!!

I highly recommend that everyone on Twitter follow : @sethgreen @realmichelleT @haroldperrineau and @sexyevilgenius (and of course @kateesackhoff)! They've tweeted about five or six pictures already from the set and it's only the first week!

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