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So she can salute well, but that doesn't tell us much. What kind of an officer was she really? )
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From tomorrow thru next Saturday, I will be on vacation without internet access, so (mostly)Daily Kara posts will go on hiatus...unless some of you kind folks would like to take up the posting mantle in my absence? If you're interested, please specify which days you'd be willing to post in the comments.

Saturday, September 24 --[ profile] sci_fi_shipper
Sunday, September 25--[ profile] sci_fi_shipper
Monday, September 26--[ profile] shah_of_blah
Tuesday, September 27--[ profile] shah_of_blah
Wednesday, September 28--[ profile] midwinterlost
Thursday, September 29--[ profile] midwinterlost
Friday, September 30--[ profile] sugarhaven
Saturday, October 1--[ profile] trappermcintyre

Thanks very much!
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Don't forget -- part two of the miniseries airs tonight at 7 ET on BBC America!
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Watching Kara gets even more jaw-droppingly spectacular if one realizes the fact that this is the first time she's ever seen a Cylon* outside of a flight simulator, and very possibly also her first time in actual combat.

Not that you'd know it, looking at her...

* the kind she knows are Cylons, that is!
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(Really wanted to snag a cap of the moment right after this when she raises her hands, but couldn't find it. hee.)


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