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Hi guys!  I just saw this little interview with Katee about some of her latest movie projects, and the interviewer asked her how she felt looking back at BSG and playing Starbuck:

"I always loved her. I loved her as somebody who wore their heart on their sleeve and didn’t see it as a weakness. She was incredibly strong, and very real, and she kind of helped me grow up, in a sense. I was 21 when I started playing her, so she really did take me into adulthood, if you will."

<3 <3 <3

Also, I didn't know Katee was getting married. Congrats to her and her lucky fiancé!

Read more: http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/katee-sackhoff/29545/katee-sackhoff-interview-battlestar-haunting-statham#ixzz2v3hleh3s
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Mo Ryan posted a lengthy podcast with writers Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, discussing "Someone to Watch Over Me." There's more notes on the podcast and episode at her column here

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So I hope no one minds this little detour into Katee-land rather than Kara-land, but since there aren't many outlets/fansites chronicling Katee news anymore, I'm going to post the good stuff I find here. TV Producer/Writer Richard Hatems, who created the cop drama pilot that Katee starred in last year, Boston's Finest, did a fantastic interview all about the show, including several key excerpts from the script over here at the blog No Meaner Place. It's a long and interesting read about the machinations behind pilot seasons and network decision-making and he goes into a lot of depth about Katee's character Julia and how the script was crafted. Honestly, it makes me even more sad we never got a chance to see it. Here's a few choice snippets about Katee and her character: 

Not Your Typical Female Romantic Lead )

Katee in Boston's Finest:

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Short piece from SFX Magazine - March 2011 )
Source: SFX Magazine (click the small blue box that says "inside" on lower right front cover. There's also an article and picture about the BBC show Outcasts, which Jamie Bamber is cameoing in, in this issue. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bamber_news for alerting me to this magazine!)

Not much new although I think this was the first time she's been open to playing Starbuck again at some point.

Thought the last question was kind of funny since we talked about that here once, and Katee's said before that she thought that line was sort of silly. Heh.

Also for those who don't follow her on Twitter or haven't heard, she's in the process of going back to blond hair....maybe for Sexy Evil Genius.


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