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A lot of fanfiction has Kara A) refusing medication because she thinks she's fine or she doesn't need it, and B) breaking out of sickbay before she should.  Yet both of these traits seem to be directly contradicted by her behavior in "Six Degrees of Separation," in which she asks for more pain pills and refuses to get out of bed.  Do you think fanon and canon can be reconciled?  If not, which characterization do you subscribe to?  Do you think she might be more likely to make a break for it after the events of "The Farm"?
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Deleted Scene from Six Degrees of Separation

Cally and Tigh are in the hangar bay trying to figure out how to operate the raider, with Tyrol inside. Partway through the conversation, Lee arrives.
Tigh: "Sack shaped like a dog. Can you make head or tail out of this report of hers, Chief?"
Tyrol: "OK. This would be he power. Yes. Navigation, OK. So... Cally! I think I'm ready to try a full powerup test."
Lee: "Colonel, could I have a word?"
Tigh: "Yeah, sure."
Tyrol spits inside the raider.
Lee: "It's Starbuck. I think she needs some incentive to get back on her feet."
Tigh: "You think ending up in Cottle's dungeon isn't enough incentive for her?"
Lee: "She needs a job. That's how Kara works. She needs a problem to solve..."
Cally laughs, as the ship excretes a pile of black goo.
"Well, there's a problem."
What do you think? Is Lee right? Is the most incisive summary of her personality uttered on the show or is something else more true?  Is Kara a problem solver? Does she change as the series goes on or is this a trait she retains?
Personally, I have to admit that one of my favorite flavors of Kara is Kara-with-a-purpose or Kara-on-a-mission. The Oath especially showcases this side of her. <3


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