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This showed up on Tumblr today, from Darthraydor



I couldn't possibly love this more! It's perfect. Every last one of these songs would go on my workout mix.

(although for a crappy cover band, KT&hSD sure has a lot of original songs, lol.)
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Yes I blatantly ripped off the cover art from Pink's "Greatest Hits" album.
Hey, I'm lazy and it was just so pretty. Plus it fits perfectly for Kara! :)

Tracks: 19
Length: 1 hr 7 mins
File Size: 90 mb total
: Kara frakkin' STARBUCK Thace! Character study mix.
Oh and the cover art makes a great user icon too. Feel free to snag it, if you like!

Mix over @
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Download Size: 37MB
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Character(s): Kara "Starbuck" Thrace
Summary: A look at Kara's relationship with her father and mother and how their actions affected her.
Spoilers: Contains clips from episode 3x17 - Maelstrom and 4x17 - Someone to Watch Over Me.

My first fanvid in over 5 years!! I'm ridiculously excited to be vidding again. This video has in my head for several months now just waiting to be made. Now that I have a new computer I will be vidding fairly regularly when I get the chance. Enjoy!

Video below the cut )
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So, what songs remind you of Kara? For me (and quite a few others), Pink is kind of the quintessential Kara-as-a-rockstar alternative, of course, so nearly all her songs seem to apply in one way or another.  (Marian Call also wrote the song Good Old Girl about Kara.) What type of songs or genre of music do you associate with Kara?  Hip-hop? Pop? Rap? R&B? Instrumental? Thrash Metal? I've vidded her to a country song once--wait, no twice--because she's a bit of a cowboy. Do you have different answers depending on whether you're thinking of her Kara side or her Starbuck side?


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